We’re TecHome Builder,
the go-to technology resource
for homebuilders.

TecHome Builder strives to help builders understand:

how to market, merchandise and sell home technology.

how to build tech features in efficiently, profitably and with high levels of customer satisfaction.

TecHome Builder will help builders compete more effectively with existing homes by leveraging technology to fundamentally change the value proposition of a new home.

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Homebuyers have never been more interested in adding technology features to their homes to keep pace with their connected lifestyles. Now is the time for homebuilders to step up and meet that demand with cleverly merchandised and marketed offers and improved design and operational processes that make inclusion of tech features efficient and profitable.

We hope you’ll join us — and our team of executives with decades of experience in home technology — as we learn together what’s new and in demand, best practices for selling and operations and how to make technology a true winner for homebuilder businesses!

What is the TecHome?

It’s not just a home enhanced by electronics like home automation, home theaters, automated light/shade control and multi-room audio.

It’s a home that leverages the benefits of technology in all areas:

  • • electrical systems and lighting
  • • heating and cooling systems
  • • energy generation and conservation
  • • water control
  • • major appliances

The TecHome takes full advantage of the Internet of Things.

It uses the intelligence and communications capabilities of home products of all kinds to improve the efficiency, convenience and entertainment value of the consumer’s single largest investment.

TecHome Builder offers competitively priced digital advertising, event sponsorships, webcast opportunities and even select print advertising options.

Secure brand exposure with the only resource dedicated exclusively on educating builders on implementing and profiting from technology.

Meet the TecHome Editorial Team

Jillian Bateman

Jillian Bateman-Moore

Director of Marketing & Editorial

Andrea Medeiros


Meet the entire
TecHome Team.

I have always viewed a new home as the ultimate retail item yet somehow we haven’t figured out how to bring our homes to market with leading-edge technologies included. From sustainable technologies to window shades, we owe it to our consumers to deliver homes that are as up-to-date as our cell phones and cars. It’s up to us builders to lead with technology and TecHome Builder will give us the education, application strategies and inspiration.

– Joan Marcus Colvin,
Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Design, The New Home Company