10 Must-See Products at IBS 2016

10 Must-See Products at IBS 2016

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Insolroll’s motorized shades can be used inside and out.
Insolroll’s motorized shades can be used inside and out.

Insolroll Shading Systems

Insolroll will display a product line of motorized window shades and coverings that integrate with automation platforms and smartphones at booth C2657.

Builders can see interior shades designed to limit sun exposure as well as exterior systems designed to keep bugs and bad weather out. Since Insolroll integrates with automation systems, builders can tie in systems to work together with the shades.

For example, when Nest’s thermostat detects a spike in temperature, the Insolroll system can be lowered instead of using the HVAC system. Simple integrations like this can help builders market energy savings.

Insolroll’s booth is a great stop for builders looking to offer a functional automated system that can serve multiple purposes.


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