5 Top News Stories of the Year: 2015

5 Top News Stories of the Year: 2015



Each day TecHome builder releases daily news stories focused on breaking news, industry projections and new products that builders and integrators should know.

These 5 top daily stories of 2015 focus on a range of topics that can help you catch up on what you missed and prepare you for the New Year. Boosting solar efficiency using origami art, a new device to protect your client’s data, J.D. Power’s top appliances, Apple’s smart ring and a new partnership to improve future integration and security are some of our leading articles.

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[tps_title]Origami Solar Panels[/tps_title]

A Close-up of the new solar panel design.
A Close-up of the new solar panel design.

Introducing Art to Solar Panels to Boost Efficiency

One unique problem with solar panels has been that while the sun moves, the panels stay fixed in place. This results in a loss of consumption every day when the sun moves out of range.

To fix this solar problem and boost efficiency, an artist and engineering team from the University of Michigan took a different look at solar using paper and scissors to start.


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