Structured Wiring, Automation and Security Boost Profits

Structured Wiring, Automation and Security Boost Profits


More builders are recognizing the benefits of including technology in the home—appealing to increasing homebuyer demands and boosting profits.

Now, an annual report is confirming this growing trend.

CEA’s 2015 The Annual State of Builder Technology Market Study shows more builders are using connected tech in new homes, and homebuyers are responding. The survey also highlights technologies builders can install that will appeal to homebuyers.

This includes structured wiring, home theaters, automation and security systems. The study uses data from 2014-2015 to draw connections between emerging and established trends.

The annual report is released by CEA.
The annual report is released by CEA.

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Some areas in home technology have changed dramatically since the 12th CEA study, while others have remained stable. If you compare the 2012 survey as well, the results may surprise you.

High Profit Potential

According to the 2015 study, 35 percent of builders say installing home theaters helps boost their profits and 26 percent report the same for security systems.

These numbers have both increased by about a quarter since a couple years before, indicating that more builders are installing smart systems.

One of the biggest takeaways from this year’s report is that not only are more clients requesting home tech, but builders are seeing larger profit margins by including it.

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Structured Wiring is now the norm according to the annual report.
Structured Wiring is now the norm according to the annual report.

More Connected Devices

This year’s survey shows eight in ten builders are completing structured wiring, home theaters and smart security systems.

Offering these three technologies as a standard to clients is becoming the norm, whereas a couple years ago, most builders would have only included this type of tech at an additional cost or upon client request.

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