LG Reveals New Smart Hub at CES 2016

LG Reveals New Smart Hub at CES 2016


LG Electronics is expanding its smart home lineup at CES 2016 with the unveiling of the Smart ThinQ Hub.

The Smart ThinQ Hub will serve as a central gateway for all LG and third party smart products. It’ll also work with HomeChat, LG’s automation platform that allows smart products to send notifications to the homebuyer in the form of a text.

The new hub features a color LCD screen that displays notifications, while an internal speaker can stream music from stations or Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

Smart ThinQ resembles the tall, cylindrical shape of the Amazon Echo, but unlike the Echo , it cannot be controlled by the voice.

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This chart by LG shows the partnerships and protocols of the ThinQ Hub.
This chart by LG shows the partnerships and protocols of the ThinQ Hub.

To go along with the Smart ThinQ, LG will be offering smart home packages that builders can market to fit the expectations of specific clients. The “Energy Package” includes smart lighting and energy usage sensors, and the “Safety Package” includes motion sensors and a leak detection system.

Builders can start with a specific package and then fully automate the home with other LG products and third party devices depending on client budget and expectations.

The ThinQ Hub uses popular connection protocols like ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so builders can count on simpler integration among third party devices. 

The Smart ThinQ Hub is not the only smart hub on the market with a unique appearance and streaming capabilities. Wink’s Relay Hub features a larger color screen, and the Amazon Echo can stream music while communicating with smart home devices.

LG’s Smart ThinQ Hub and complete smart lineup will be located in booth 8204 at CES 2016.

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