Stand Out with Unique, Luxury Tech Amenities

Stand Out with Unique, Luxury Tech Amenities



The luxury smart home can become almost-futuristic by adding certain seamless, convenient and connected systems.

Especially in a crowded luxury market, unique devices such as wireless charging stations and air purifiers can help builders and integrators stand out by creating a futuristic smart home for their clients.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2014 Field Guide to Listing and Selling Luxury Properties, luxury homebuyers only represent 17 percent of the residential market. Distinctive healthy home systems that are low-cost to the builder can help you stand out and, more importantly, tap into this small but lucrative market.

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Products and systems to gain appeal among luxury clients:


[tps_title] Wireless Charging [/tps_title]

Wireless charging systems are installed during the build.
Wireless charging systems are installed during the build.

Wireless Charging-Canpow

Wireless charging systems are easily installed during the rough in stage in countertops to remove wires from busy kitchens or in furniture to help clients charge their phones throughout the home.

Systems like the Canpow can be installed into countertops or even furniture in the kitchen or living room as a way to offer a practical item that can be personalized to match any home.

Built-in wireless charging stations can be a great marketing tool to target busy luxury families as part of a unique and inexpensive standard package.

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