3 Outdoor Tech Showcases to Envy and Emulate

3 Outdoor Tech Showcases to Envy and Emulate


Imitation is the best form of flattery, and these enviable outdoor tech projects can help you find inspiration and ideas to appeal to your clients.

Smart lights, outdoor kitchens and multi-zone audio systems are just a few of the pieces of tech that can have a big impact on the outdoor areas you’re building.

Keep in mind, homebuyers want the outdoors to be an extension of their home, and connected home tech can help blur the indoor / outdoor divide.

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3 Top Outdoor Tech Showcases to Consider


[tps_title] Smart Lighting [/tps_title]

A views of the smart lighting project showcase from the yard.
A views of the smart lighting project showcase from the yard.

Smart Lighting Showcase

This project by McKay Landscape Lighting was chosen for its use of smart lighting tech throughout the outdoors.

The integration team was able to offer both functionality and a luxurious atmosphere through a mixture of LED and incandescent lighting systems. Traditional LEDs are suitable for functionality, while multi-colored or unique LEDs are suitable in developing a luxurious atmosphere.

Builders and integrators that get creative with backyard smart lights can count on increased appeal from homebuyers that value outdoor entertainment and security control.


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