3 Popular Platforms Get Major Updates in 2016

3 Popular Platforms Get Major Updates in 2016


It’s not enough to just install home technology, builders need to be aware of major updates that are constantly being offered to popular automation platforms.

Due to the relatively young age of the smart home market, these platforms regularly receive updates to improve the systems. This is ultimately a good thing. But it means you have to do your research, or you could be missing out on new features that will appeal to your clients, or even worse, miss an update that could make their systems run more smoothly.

Control4, Crestron and Elan have all received major software or hardware updates since the end of 2015, indicating that the smart home market is continuing to evolve and change. 

TecHome Builder is doing the work for you, determining which of these software or hardware changes you need to be aware of.

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Popular Platform Updates You Should Know and How to Get Them


[tps_title] Control4 [/tps_title]

Control4's lineup of products.
Control4’s lineup of products.

Control4 Software Updates

Control4’s automation platform has received two major updates. They’re centered on the software of existing devices as well as hardware that has led to a new line of connected devices.

The major software update was the result of an acquisition. In February, Control4 acquired Pakedge Device and Software, a global leader in wireless and wired networking solutions for the smart home industry. This acquisition set a software shift in motion.

Following the acquisition, Control4 doubled down on its cloud-based support system and overhauled networking features to “increase satisfaction for end users,” according to Control4’s CEO.

To satisfy this goal, Control4 shifted Pakedge’s focus toward Control4’s consumers and dealer channel. The first initiative brought increased stability to the consumer’s cloud portal. The second step improved dealer resources, which helps clients when it comes to updating.

This first update is largely unnoticeable, as it slightly affects performance. It is still important to note, because it shows that this automation platform regularly receives updates, something builders can use to market ease-of-use and accountability.

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