3 Top Smart Irrigation Options for Multifamily

3 Top Smart Irrigation Options for Multifamily


The trademark of a smart multifamily community is centered on convenience and appearance, and smart irrigation can help satisfy clients’ desires and make it easier for developers to maintain the property.

Smart irrigation systems connect with the community’s automation platform to efficiently water the lawns. Some systems are completely autonomous, while others rely on user interaction.

TecHome Builder explores the top-selling smart irrigation options on the market to help multifamily developers choose the best possible technology for their buyers or renters.

This is important, because, a powerful, smart irrigation system can help you cut costs. These systems work automatically to keep the lawns green and appealing, instead of counting on gardeners to keep the property maintained.  

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We Rate the Top 3 Smart Irrigation Options 


[tps_title] Rachio [/tps_title]

Rachio is one of the most popular smart irrigation devices on the market.
Rachio is one of the most popular smart irrigation devices on the market.

#3: Rachio

Rachio is a possible option for multifamily communities looking to save money through conservation.

The device made waves in 2013 as one of the first smart irrigation entries to the smart home market. The Rachio system connects with local weather forecasts to optimize watering schedules, meaning it only waters the lawn if conditions are suitable.

This smart irrigation device supports sensors to increase performance. One such sensor is a soil sensor that measure the healthiness of you guessed it, the soil. Developers and property managers can also enter the types of plants in the community into the system. This enables Rachio to send the right amount of water to certain zones.

Rachio integrates with popular devices and platforms such as Nest, Amazon Alexa, IFTT, Wink, Control4 and Nexia. The range of integrations can help developers increase flexibility to market a range of possibilities and seal the deal.

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