3 Top Takeaways from CEDIA 2016

3 Top Takeaways from CEDIA 2016



Another year of CEDIA has come and gone, and with its exit comes an entrance into an exciting future bound for technological greatness.

Ascrollfter conversing with technology professionals, exploring a show floor rife with innovation and analyzing the trends amongst attendees and exhibitors, we are left with three main takeaways from this year’s CEDIA—all of which hint at a promising, rapidly evolving future for the TecHome.

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[tps_title]Technology’s Growth[/tps_title]

shelly_short_thumbnail1. Technology is evolving fast, demand will grow and prices will fall.

In the opening keynote session, strategic advisor and technology consultant Shelly Palmer addresses the crowd to cover an array of technology topics, from the iPhone 7 to autonomous cars. Through his speech, Palmer hammers home a crucial point.

“The velocity of data is increasing and will always continue to increase,” says Palmer, adding that we are currently experiencing the slowest rate of technology growth we will encounter in our lifetimes.

It’s a fascinating idea to think about. But through perusing the show floor, it became clear that this was far more of a reality than sheer hypothesis. Voice control, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality and home theater systems with quality that rivaled a $15 movie ticket—all of these technologies stressed the fact that 2016 has been a remarkably innovative year for home technology.

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