3 Ways to Tackle Rapidly Changing Technology

3 Ways to Tackle Rapidly Changing Technology


The prospect of a fully electronic, driverless car seemed preposterous a decade ago. But Google has proven us wrong, demonstrating just how rapidly tech is changing.

Over that same decade, David Gordon launched Whitestone Builders and, like the driverless smart car, never imagined how quickly the smart home would take off.

President of Whitestone Builders, David Gordon.
David Gordon, president of Whitestone Builders.

“A new car has all the new bells and whistles—technology where I can just walk up to it, put my hand on my door and it opens up,” says Gordon. “I push a button to start the car, drive down the road, see a phone call and I don’t have to pull the phone out of my pocket. It’s about the ease of use.”

Gordon is implementing that same “ease of use” model in his luxury homes in the Houston, Texas area.

But it takes a few steps to successfully implement seamless technology.

[tps_title]1. Pinpointing the Perfect Product[/tps_title]

1. Pinpointing the Perfect Product

Gordon is no stranger to remote management systems. He’s been using Alarm.com, Lennox and Control4 for years. But he’s recently selected Savant’s new, more affordable products as his base package. “I wasn’t even considering using them because they cost too much,” he says.

Savant introduces new, more affordable Smart Host.
Savant introduces new, more affordable Smart Host.

“But when they announced they were going to do a mid-market package, I was very interested because we want to associate ourselves with luxury.”

The demand for luxury is certainly there. Whitestone Builders’ homes cost between $1.3 and $3 million.

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The new Savant base package will be included in the price with automated lighting, security, sound and then the customer can add on more features from there. Gordon has been working with his integrator, David Smart, on pricing and training for eight to ten months.

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