4 Easy Ways to Sell Home Control

4 Easy Ways to Sell Home Control

Selling home control can make both you and the homebuyer satisified; learn how with the steps below.

You thought the Internet was a game changer? That’s just the tip of it. The ability to stream music and movies into many rooms has become a reality—and is rapidly becoming the norm. This is no longer a luxury, as affordable systems are becoming more and more available. Security and personal protection have come to the forefront of consumer consciousness, as well.

Consumers are seeking ways to simplify their increasingly complex lives. Mobile apps and devices are in everyone’s hands—and regardless of income, everyone wants to make smart, value-driven decisions.

What does this mean for builders? It’s the foundation of opportunity. Here are four ways to start the conversation about home control decisions, increase sales and enhance your customers’ satisfaction.


1. Now is the time.

The ideal time to have these conversations is when your customer is building. Ask a few questions and explore how they live. They want to make the most of their homes and investments — so, help them do that.

Do they have children? Do they entertain frequently? Do they plan on having a security system? Is energy management important? What matters most to them? Educate them that now is the time to decide, so proper Category 5 or 6 networking cable and speaker wiring may be run without cutting walls or adding costs later.

Suggest that a prewired home has greater resale value later, even if they don’t install a home control or automation system. And if they do decide to install one, it may be possible for them to roll the cost into their mortgage without dropping a chunk of cash up front.


2. Share the benefits.

Once you know the benefits to your homebuyers, you can easily move the conversation to a place they’ll embrace.

With a mobile app or a handheld remote, security is at hand for everyone. It’s not just about the alarm system. Your clients can see who’s at the door from anywhere or watch the kids in the yard. Make the house look lived in by turning lights on from a smartphone or tablet, from anywhere. Imagine getting an alert on your phone when the kids get home from school, or setting a path of lights that pop on as you drive up to the dark house.

If music or entertaining is their thing, a simple streaming music box coupled with a remote, keypad, or smartphone can deliver their favorite tunes in every room and out by the pool.

If going green is a priority, explain that they can easily check their home’s energy consumption, or adjust the thermostat while they’re on vacation.

These are just a few choice bricks in the new home building story. If you can show them smart home features on your own smartphone or tablet, that’s even better.


3. Be prepared.

Team with a professional CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association)-certified electronics integration firm that has been in business for some time and has positive referrals. This will ensure that the job is done right and provide future-proof technology, serviceability and satisfaction.

Many of our URC dealers and builders join forces and become ultra-successful by doing showrooms together, where consumers can see the basics of entertainment, lighting and security control as they look over home plans or select materials.

Join with an integration partner to co-sponsor events or to advertise new homes with all the conveniences and smarts that set you apart from your competitors.

Participate in a “Parade of Homes” or model homes. URC dealer HiFi House in Broomall, Pa., recently collaborated with Bentley Homes in Philadelphia on a permanent Design Home. In this home, clients tour regularly and can see exquisite home design and amenities, coupled with simple controls for entertainment and lighting. The partners share consumer leads and referral business.


4. Educate as the expert.

Stay abreast of current technologies. This is another way to set your company apart, add to the sale, and start conversations. The smart home is not new. However, due to the Internet, mobile devices and lower costs, automation is going into more homes today than ever before. Don’t miss out.

If they can rely on you, they’ll look to you now and for future projects, and refer you to friends in the market.

The best time to lay the foundation for smart home technologies is before the ground is even broken. Every consumer wants to make smart decisions when building or remodeling, and you can be the catalyst that helps them do that. Teaming up with a professional integrator starts the conversation.


Cat Toomey is the Director of Marketing for URC in Harrison, N.Y. (www.universalremote.com), and is passionate and driven to simplify and enhance the lives of consumers. Sign up to get your free issue of URC’s quarterly e-pub newsletter!

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