Millions of Z-Wave Devices Shipping

Millions of Z-Wave Devices Shipping

The Z-Wave Alliance alone has grown by 30 percent since last year.

It now has 325 companies with more than 1,350 certified products and 40 million smart devices shipped.

Z-Wave devices use a low-power RF radio embedded or retrofitted into electronic devices and systems such as lighting, access controls, entertainment systems and household appliances.

One of those devices, BeOn Home, was just announced the winner of Z-Wave Labs’ year-long IoT competition to generate innovation. The Boston-based startup , has developed Z-Wave controlled LED bulbs that offer preventative home security by learning a homeowner’s routines and recreating them when no one is home.

Z-Wave’s interim chairman Raoul Wijgergangs explains why we’re seeing so many big players move into this space.

“By 2020, the IoT market opportunity will be two to four times greater than the combined installed base of computers, smart phones, tablets and smart TV’s we have today,” he says.

Z-Wave is one of the many wireless automation platforms becoming available. It’s being challenged for the top spot by dozens of platforms including ZigBee, Apple’s HomeKit, the Thread Group and Samsung’s SmartThings. Microsoft also recently jumped into the fray. Many of those platforms can detect and control devices operating on other radio frequencies.

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