460 Palm in Beverly Hills Adopts Apple Watch

460 Palm in Beverly Hills Adopts Apple Watch



Upper-end multifamily homebuyers demand upper-end tech.

“You wouldn’t put roll-up crank windows in a car today, would you?” asks Jimm Reifsnyder, principal with Western Energy Control Solutions, which worked with ETCO Homes to develop smart home technology for ETCO’s 460 Palm units in Beverly Hills, Calif.  

The 460 Palm sweet spot is 2,670-square-foot luxury multi-unit homes. This is luxe living—the condos run $2 million to $5 million. There is widespread camera surveillance and an intercom system with key-fob access.

Residents can also run their units with their Apple Watch…and, in Beverly Hills today, Apple Watches may be more common than Rolexes. Wearables are becoming the new it thing. 

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[tps_title]460 Palm- 1[/tps_title]The luxe 460 Palm condos sell for $2 million to $5 million.

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