5 Easy Home Wiring Solutions

5 Easy Home Wiring Solutions

Two things that will turn off potential homebuyers: Wiring stuck in the Stone Age and wiring bunched together like a bowl of spaghetti. In this day and age, homes need to be wired for the future to encompass the processing brains of television, security, home control and audio/video systems in an organized manner. This will add thousands of dollars to a home’s value.

The most efficient way to install structured wiring components is during the construction process, when the walls are open. In a well-planned home, all wires run to a central location, whether it be the basement or a utility closet. This organizes everything, and makes it easier to fix and upgrade connections. There are multiple options to consider when it comes to structured wiring.


Structured Wiring Panels

A structured wiring panel accepts and distributes signals throughout the home. The benefit of having a panel is that all wires can be found in this one location. Cables from outside service providers, such as telephone or cable television, come into the panel. From the panel, signals are distributed in home runs, or direct lines, to each room. The panel can also serve as the distribution point for internal signals, such as audio, video or security cameras or in-home computer networking, such as for a shared printer.

Leviton makes it easy with a structured wiring components bundle. The bundle includes:

Leviton structured wiring panel

• One Leviton 12-Port Telephone Input Distribution Panel + Twist and Mount Cat 5e 12-Port Patch Panel, 476TL-T12 & 476TM-512

• One 24 Port Cat 5e Twist & Mount Patch Panel, 476TM-524

• Two 10/100 8-port Ethernet Switches, 47611-8PT

• Twenty-Four Cat 5e High Flex Patch Cords, 1', 5HHOM-1W

• One 42-inch Structured Media Center (SMC) Enclosure Only, 47605-42N

• One 42-inch Structured Media Center (SMC) Premium Hinged Door, 47605-42P

• One 4-Outlet Power Supply for SMC, 47605-DP

• One Universal Mounting Shelf, 47612-UBK

The cost for the bundle is $9,999.


Modules for Structured Wiring Panels

Video moduleHomebuilders can select a preconfigured panel or create a custom one by selecting voice, data, audio and video modules. The benefit of creating a panel using modules is that homebuilders can create their ideal setup or meet the specific needs of potential homebuyers.

ICC has an array of modules to choose from, like its compact telephone module that can access up to four incoming phone lines with eight extensions per line, its 2 GHz video splitters that can receive and distribute cable TV, antenna, satellite or modulated video signals for up to eight analog or digital television sets and its compact Category 5e data module, which is designed to provide broadband Internet access for up to eight computers in a residence. ICC also has combination and mini modules if you’re looking to save some room.


In-Wall Single Bay Enclosure

Clare Controls System OneClare Controls’ ClareHome System One, a compact home automation solution, can be housed in a traditional rack, on a shelf or in-wall, using a standard single stud bay enclosure. When mounted together, the System One components require minimal interconnection. The bridge, controller and integrated multi-room (iMR) audio solution are powered jointly, and single Ethernet cables connect the iMR and the bridge to the ClareOS controller.

“The ClareHome System One reinforces our commitment to help dealers efficiently and effectively reach broader markets,” says Brett Price, CEO and founder of Clare Controls. “It combines our cloud-based ease of integration with a framework that simplifies and streamlines the hardware installation. The result is an affordable solution that offers a single easy-to-install unit featuring all of the popular services and features their customers demand most.”


Recessed TV Power/Low-Voltage Outlet

7.	Legrand flat panel TVLegrand has a line of recessed television boxes with power outlets and wiring pathways for Ethernet and other needed cables, to provide a snug and neat wall placement. One example is the On-Q HT2102-WH-V1.

“It’s unique that it recessed all of the connections for your smart flat panel TV,” says Joshua Roberson, national builder sales manager for NuVo and On-Q. “Power is recessed along with a cable access strap for all of your low voltage connections.” These connections include HDMI, Coax and cat5.

There is also convenient access to the back of the television when needed and includes a 15A 125V tamper resistant decorator receptacle.

The suggested retail price is $34.99.


Multi-Port Wall Plates

Leviton multi-portBoth Legrand and Leviton also manufacture multi-port wall plates that allow homebuilders to run different types of cable from the structured networking panel to each room and terminate them all in a single wall plate. The ports accommodate snap-in connectors for coaxial, Cat 5e/6 and telephone terminations. Blanks are available to close unused ports.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways around spaghetti wiring. Builders just need to decide which options are right for their homes and homebuyers.

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