5 Fictions of the TecHome Turned Reality

5 Fictions of the TecHome Turned Reality




Some builders will say the foundation for their projects starts with design and construction. But with the rising growth of the TecHome industry, more and more technological breakthroughs are making their way into the “smart home.”

And where do these ideas come from? Well, many of them originated as sheer, science fiction fantasy.

Take, for instance, that classic cartoon about the futuristic family—“The Jetsons.” The show accurately predicted many smart home trends that are now popular today, especially in regards to home automation.

Let’s take a look at 5 other technologies that were once just the inventions of sci-fi writers.

Now, they’re reality.

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Biometrics Technology

Retina scans have not made their way to the TecHome yet, but other biometrics have.
Retina scans have not made their way to the TecHome yet, but other biometrics-based tech have.

“Biometrics” refers to measurements related to human characteristics. Physiological biometrics relates to identification software such as fingerprints, facial recognition and retina scans. Behavioral biometrics includes factors such as a person’s typing rhythm or distinct vocal patterns.

Biometrics, especially physiological, have been present in spy films, thrillers and sci-fi visions of the future for decades, but they are beginning to make their way into the forefront of the TecHome industry. 

Items such as fingerprint access locks and security cameras with facial recognition are currently mainstream products, and Apple’s iPhone has included fingerprint biometrics for years now.

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