5 Nursery Technologies to Appeal to Growing Families

5 Nursery Technologies to Appeal to Growing Families



New homebuyers are often in the market because their family is growing. They need a bigger yard, a bigger great room and of course they need a nursery.

To make an impression on expecting parents, provide nursery technology options that will enhance the space. Surprisingly many aren’t that expensive to install.

To achieve the perfect tech nursery you’ll need: 



[tps_title]Lighting Control[/tps_title]

Lighting Control

lutron nursery
Lighting, like this option from Lutron, can set the right mood.

Lighting can set the right mood, which can vary.

Sometimes parents need bright lighting to keep baby awake during feedings and active when fine-tuning those motor skills. At night, they’ll want to dim the lights, so the little one will know it’s time to close those eyes.

Dimmable lighting control is the way to go. Parents can set lights to gradually dim and brighten at opportune times.

Maestro Wireless technology by Lutron offers lighting control functionality that will fit almost any residential application. The system is easy to install and operate, allowing users to control lighting levels with the touch of a button on theNursery with light control using the Pico Wireless remote control. It can also tie into home automation systems.

A Lutron Maestro IR 300-watt three-way digital combination ceiling fan and light control wall station with remote is about $130.

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