5 Top TecHome Stories of the Week

5 Top TecHome Stories of the Week


Here’s a breakdown of our five top stories from the past week.

Check out the 5 Top TecHome stories of the week on concealing smart home tech, connected devices that appeal to pet-lovers, nine smart homes that were selected out of hundreds, Wink’s uncertain status and more.

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Speakers from Stealth Acoustics can be hidden behind the wall.
Speakers from Stealth Acoustics can be hidden behind the wall.

[tps_title] Invisible Smart Home Tech [/tps_title]

Luxury Living with Invisible Smart Home Tech

The ever-evolving Internet of Things is leading to smarter homes, which means more devices. And for luxury homebuyers, it’s all about the looks.

Tech needs to be visually appealing. So, what if you’re building for this type of client—one who craves the future but doesn’t want to have to look at it? The answer may be simpler than you’d think.


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