A Federal Initiative to Increase Access to Solar Power

A Federal Initiative to Increase Access to Solar Power

It’s been a big year for solar, with new projects starting every two minutes and costs dropping more than 73 percent since 2006 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Even though the cumulative power generated has steadily risen through 2015, access to solar power for many homebuyers is still low.

The White House is aiming to address this access issue with a new deal that will bring together 68 cities, states and businesses to increase access to solar power for more Americans.  


SEIA's data showing prices falling as more options emerge.
SEIA’s data showing prices falling as more options emerge.

New legislation is focused primarily on community solar arrays and low to moderately priced homes introducing solar to more than 20,000 households across 21 states.

The White House plans to bring businesses, cities and states together through the new initiative made possible by an Executive Order that offers federal grant money to participating groups.

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The decision comes after continual growth and satisfaction in the U.S. solar market as well as homebuyer interest.

According to Solar City’s national solar poll, 69 percent of Americans want more choices when it comes to their home’s energy supply with 88 percent supporting renewable energy.

The survey’s results, in combination with the White House’s, announcement indicate that homebuyer interest in solar continues to climb, while the cost should continue to decline as more options become available to builders. 

The focus on community solar and smaller homes is good news for green builders already offering solar, as well as multifamily and high-volume builders starting to explore solar options.

As solar power becomes cheaper and more accessible to homebuyers, builders will have to compete in a congested market. By offering these systems as a standard early on, the builder can stand out from late adopters of solar power.

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