A New Device to Monitor and Improve Indoor Air Quality

A New Device to Monitor and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Builders looking to market a healthier home need to offer connected devices that can improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and a new device aims to monitor and improve it in each room.

Blueair, a manufacturer of smart air monitors and purifiers, have released two new smart devices that will help builders market a healthier home to clients.

The two devices include a connected air purification system, Sense+ and an always-on IAQ monitor, Aware

The Blueair Aware IAQ monitor uses Wi-Fi to connect.
The Blueair Aware air monitor uses Wi-Fi to connect.

Both devices are Wi-Fi enabled and can be set to work together to maximize IAQ. For example, if the Aware device measures toxins or poor air quality, the Sense+ system will automatically kick on depending on information received by the monitoring device.

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Builders and Integrators can go a step further with monitoring and purification by linking the systems with the home’s platform and connected HVAC system.

Blueair’s connected products come with a smartphone app that lets the homebuyer remotely start the system, check in on real-time air quality statistics and local weather patterns that can impact the home’s IAQ. 

These new products from Blueair are not the only devices on the market aimed to monitor and improve IAQ.

If builders are looking for similar devices at a lower price-point, Eve by Elgato works with Apple’s HomeKit to monitor and improve air quality while CubeSensors can be placed around the home to monitor air quality in certain areas.

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