A New Network for Reliable Smart Home Connections

A New Network for Reliable Smart Home Connections

The Thread Group, an organization focused on improving connections among smart home devices, has launched a product certification program to improve connections among manufacturers.

Thread was formed in 2014 as a way to improve connections without draining power. It attracted big names like Samsung, Nest and Qualcomm to develop smart home products that could work well within the Thread network. Now, the Thread Group is looking to increase membership to fill the market with more Thread-capable devices through a product certification program.

Thread is built on a mesh network that doesn’t have one specific point of failure, meaning if one network point goes down, the connected device will continue communicating. 

A mesh network relies on each device as a support system.
A mesh network relies on each device as a support system.

According to the press release, the Thread Group will be subjecting interested products to rigorous connection tests in order to determine eligibility. Approved devices will then display a “Built on Thread” notification right on their packaging.

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The product certification program includes connection tests to the cloud as well as on popular connection protocols to determine interoperability, security and stability of each device.

This certification program rivals the ZigBee Alliance’s, which aims to connect more smart devices using ZigBee radio protocols as opposed to Thread.

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