A Smart Home Kids Can Control

A Smart Home Kids Can Control

Now, even Barbie will have a smart home … but it won’t come cheap. 

It’ll use Wi-Fi connectivity and voice activation software, exposing children to connected devices at a young age. For instance, kids can say, “Get ready for school,” and that will trigger running water sound effects and the bathroom lights to turn on.

And just like with Philips Hue smart lights, children can cycle through various preset lighting scenes. There’s a Hangout Scene, a Part Scene and a Fun Scene. The Party Scene brings the tiny smart home to life by flashing lights, playing music and converting the staircase into a slide.

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Barbie's face when she saw her new Smart Home.
Barbie’s face when she saw her new smart home.

This smart doll house could be part of a unique welcome package and a way to introduce connected features to the entire family. 

Just like in regular smart home’s, an accompanying app will have applications with Barbie’s dream smart home. And this is not the only new connected addition to Barbie’s lineup, as she now has a drone to ride to her new smart home.

These connected devices can help you gain appeal among moms, who make 85 percent of all household spending decisions, according to Advertising Age.

Barbie’s smart house and her drone are the latest connected toys from Mattel. The company also released Hello Barbie, last November. The doll uses similar voice features to answer questions and carry on conversations with kids.

The Hello Barbie Dream House is expected to go on sale for $399 this upcoming fall.

A close-up view of the Hello Barbie app.
A close-up view of the Hello Barbie app.

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