A Smart Wireless Router for Multifamily

A Smart Wireless Router for Multifamily

A new startup aims to improve Internet connections in multifamily by changing the network. 

Eero is a new, smart wireless networking system that aims to use mesh connections to blanket the home or multifamily community with a stable Internet signal. As you know, this is even more important in communities where dozen of people are constantly accessing the network, oftentimes creating slow connection speeds.

Eero is designed to intelligently re-route data traffic on the home’s wireless network to reduce buffering and dead zones in a way that will impact these smart home connections. 

Multiple eere routers can be included to improve signal reach.
Multiple eere routers can be included to improve signal reach.

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Re-routing data traffic can help smart home devices perform more reliably while removing some of the latency concerns associated with slow Internet, such as devices that take too long to complete the requested task.

A mesh network that blankets the entire home in stable Internet can be a great marketing tool for multifamily developers and builders.

This new router works either as a standalone product, or multiple routers can be integrated throughout the home to provide a stronger mesh network. 

If builders are looking to install a smarter alternate to the Eero, Linksys’ and Netgear offer a line of smart routers that allow control through a smartphone app.

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