A Stamp-Sized Device from MIT to Measure Energy Efficiency

A Stamp-Sized Device from MIT to Measure Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances can offer excellent paybacks for your customers, but what if there was a device you could add to the package that measures the energy usage of the systems you’ve installed? 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology seems to have found the answer in its latest innovation–a sensor the size of a postage stamp that can measure energy usage with pinpoint accuracy, user-friendly simplicity and, most importantly, inexpensively.

MIT notes on its news site that this system holds advantages over other methods of energy monitoring. It involves no complex installation, no wires to be disconnected, and the system is designed to be self-calibrating.

It also samples data very quickly. Its accuracy is able to “tell the difference between every different kind of light, motor and other device in the home and show exactly which ones go on and off and at what times.”

Researchers note that the most significant element being offered by this system is its embrace of privacy. It is designed in a way that contains detailed information, specifically to one’s own home, and the analysis can be provided through customized apps developed by MIT.

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Where does the TecHome Builder play a role in all of this? In marketing energy efficient homes to your clients, a system such as MIT’s could be offered as an add-on and promotion technique.

By monitoring energy usage with accuracy, this will save homeowners headaches and money on bills. And offering technology such as this is an excellent way for builders to elevate themselves above the competition.

Its affordability is also extremely attractive. Once the system is developed into a residence, it should cost only about $25 to $30 per home. “We’re trying to lower the barriers to installation,” says co-author of the MIT research, John Donnal. “It just goes on with a zip tie.”

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