Aging in Place Caregivers Represent Massive Tech Potential

Aging in Place Caregivers Represent Massive Tech Potential

A new report shows  huge tech potential for builders and integrators when it comes to aging in place.

According to AARP’s Caregivers & Technology Report, 71 percent of caregivers want to use home technology to assist in caring for aging loved ones and to supplement their duties. The caregiving market, which is predicted to reach $279 billion in revenue over the next few years, is largely untapped when it comes to technology use.

Tech can assist with seniors’ daily activities, such as turning on lights through a smartphone, while caregiver tech is more focused on the monitoring and security of their client or family member.

Using tech to ensure home safety and to monitor medication use are the top two areas caregivers see tech as being beneficial. Seventy-eight percent want tech that can ensure home security and 77 percent want medication monitoring. 

The majority of caregivers want home tech to make their jobs easier.
The majority of caregivers want home tech to make their jobs easier.

Monitoring home security can be as simple as integrating connected cameras in the home’s busiest areas and including door sensors on medicine cabinets and main doors. This allows caregivers to remotely lookout for falls and know if their loved ones are taking his/her medication.

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Big names like Apple are attempting to get ahead of this trend by offering health monitoring tech. Today, Apple launched CareKit Apps, which allow developers to build apps that tracks aging in place factors like patient health and records of doctor’s visits.

Caregiver tech has applications in multifamily housing where one caregiver may be responsible for multiple seniors in one community. A standard level of tech across residences allows the caregiver to seamlessly operate from one residence to the next. 

Builders and developers that offer aging in place tech can count on gaining appeal in a growing market. After all, once Apple gets involved, don’t we all have to?

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