Amazon Sells Five Millionth Echo, Google Home Gains Ground

Amazon Sells Five Millionth Echo, Google Home Gains Ground

A new report shows that Amazon has sold more than five million Echo devices in the United States, indicating the time is now to consider a voice control standard such as the Echo or Google Home.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ (CIRP) new report, Amazon has sold approximately 5.1 million Echo devices since its 2014 introduction. This surge in adoption indicates that more buyers are aware and interested in voice control platforms such as the Echo.

CIRP estimates that among U.S. consumers, awareness of the Echo increased to 69 percent as of September 30, 2016. That means uptick in awareness is up by about 50-percent from March the year before.

Approximately two million Echo units have been sold in the last nine months of 2016. This steady adoption rate could be due to increased media exposure and advertising campaigns, a move that Amazon’s voice control rival Google has also been using to stand out.  

While official statistics on Google Home have yet to be released, attention surrounding Google’s flagship automation device has ramped up as the holidays approach. This media takeover could push more of your clients to either Amazon’s or Google’s device.

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Builders and integrators need to weigh client expectations to determine which device will work best in their specific home. Customizing your voice control standard based on expectations can help you market a seamlessly connected experience that is perfect for individual situations. Additionally, if a potential client already owns an Echo or Home, it presents a great opportunity to offer more automated tech within your initial purchasing package.

For example, Google Home is a better fit in larger homes with clients that value audio control due to the Home’s multi-room capabilities that fill different rooms with sound, while the Amazon Echo is a better fit for clients with a wide-range of connected devices in one room, as opposed to whole-house solutions.

Regardless of the voice control solution you choose, a voice controlled and connected device can help you market seamless connections and constant control to your clients.

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  1. Eric

    As much as I want Echo to continue its success, I feel like they’re going to have a real tough time competing against Google. IMO, a great voice assistant needs to be really good at figuring out the complexities of language so that it can do or find whatever it is you’re asking it for. It seems to me that Google would have a huge advantage because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years.

  2. James

    I think that Amazon has taken everyone by surprise with the Echo. Google have been slow to respond and Apple are so far behind. You would given Google’s pedigree with voice activation on their phones over the past few years that they would be in a leading position. But the Echo seems to have such momentum. But at least Google are in the race, Apple are faffing around on the starting line!


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