Andersen Windows Releases New Smart Security System

Andersen Windows Releases New Smart Security System

Windows can add more than just natural light and design. A new security system aims to secure doors and windows in a smarter way while also improving efficiencies.

Andersen Windows and Doors‘ VeriLock technology uses sensors to communicate with connected devices and the home’s platform to alert homebuyers if a window or door is secured, opened or unlocked.

While other security systems can determine if a window is left open, the VeriLock system stands out by sending an alert if any window is unlocked.

Aside from the security applications, this feature can improve efficiency by improving the tightness of each room.

An inside look at the VeriLock sensor system.
An inside look at the VeriLock sensor system.

According to Andersen’s VeriLock page, windows that are closed but unlocked are three times less efficient than fully secured windows. Builders can use the system to market both efficiency and security.

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VeriLock uses Wi-Fi to communicate with connected devices. Builders can ramp up the security monitoring by integrating the sensors with the home’s automation platform as well as smart lights. Smart lights could be set to change colors if a nearby window is left open.

Andersen has officially partnered with ADT Security and Honeywell for the VeriLock system, meaning builders can get creative with integrations to the home’s security system and smart thermostat.

The VeriLock system is not the first window sensor available on the market. Glass sensors from GE or Interlogix can also alert of broken glass or open windows. They cannot determine, however, if a window or door is closed but unlocked.

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