DEVELOPING: 3 Builders Chosen to Preinstall Apple HomeKit

DEVELOPING: 3 Builders Chosen to Preinstall Apple HomeKit

Three builders have been hand picked to build a select group of homes, this year, that will come with Apple HomeKit as standard.

The electronics giant quietly made the announcement among other big news at Apple’s Developers Conference, this week. The building program will enable high-profile builders such as Lennar, KB Home and Brookfield Residential to preinstall a full-range of HomeKit tech as standard.

This allows buyers to control smart home devices, like light bulbs, thermostats and more, as soon as they move in.

Another big announcement from Apple that’ll play into the new builder program, is a standalone smartphone app that can control HomeKit certified devices. The new app is called ‘Home.’ It will be released to the public next Fall along with the newest update to the iPhone’s operating software, iOS 10.

With the ‘Home’  app, you have a centralized location to control the home’s devices. This means homebuyers will no longer have to choose from a range of third-party apps to control each device individually, which can be time consuming. Clients will be able to go right to the ‘Home’ app and control everything from one place, instead of cycling through pages of smart home apps.

Apple watch users can use the Home app to control smart home devices from the wrist.
Apple watch users can use the Home app to control smart devices from the wrist.

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Even if you weren’t one of the initial builders chosen, both builders and integrators interested in the ease-of-use and voice-control capabilities of a standalone app should consider installing HomeKit.

Apple’s HomeKit launched two years ago, but it has been slow to adopt new devices to the platform due to an extensive testing process.

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