Apple HomeKit Now Supports Third-Party Devices

Apple HomeKit Now Supports Third-Party Devices

Apple’s HomeKit has faced some integration issues in the past, the electronics giant only allowing approved devices to communicate with its home control platform.

But now, a new workaround is on the market to link third-party devices directly to HomeKit.

This is good news for builders who want to connect the home to Apple HomeKit without having to wait months for a complete product line to be released. 

The workaround is called Homebridge. Integrators can design the system by creating plugins to support various connected devices. Homebridge acts like a sort of virtual hub for everything connected in the home, and is the first point of contact before devices enter the HomeKit hub.

Popular devices like Nest can now integrate with HomeKit.
Popular devices like Nest can now integrate with HomeKit.

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While many major home automation platforms allow for third party device integration, this move makes HomeKit an appealing option for builders for the added voice control capabilities through Siri.

By integrating third-party devices with HomeKit, builders can market full home voice-control to their clients.

Popular connected devices like Nest or Sonos instantly become voice-activated with Homebridge.

This option can help make home control more appealing to clients–especially Millennials–and may even help builders sell a bigger tech package.

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