Apple Puts a Ring On It (A Smart Ring)

Apple Puts a Ring On It (A Smart Ring)

Mobile devices, Apple TV, the iWatch and even a home automation platform, HomeKit, Apple is all about bringing the next big thing to the technological forefront.

Or in this case, the next smallest thing.

Apple has just announced that it has patented its design for a smart ring—a “ring computing device.” It contains a touch screen mounted right on the ring’s surface, a computer processor, wireless transceiver and rechargeable power source.

Photo: USPTO
Apple smart ring.

For builders specializing in home automation and consumers utilizing these technologies, the Apple ring could open up a new world of possibilities for controlling the home.

It could communicate with other devices, allow remote, wearable access similar to the iWatch but in a smaller package. It could also eventually incorporate voice activation and work with Siri.

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There are a few smart rings currently on the market, such as Ringly, but none have truly taken off. In addition, Apple has been known for patenting products before without ever bringing them to reality.

But if Apple likes its patent, it will probably put a ring on it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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