Attract LUX Buyers Using Culture-Themed Rooms

Attract LUX Buyers Using Culture-Themed Rooms


Florida builder impresses clients with rooms themed after Star Trek, Las Vegas and Miami Heat

Builders looking for an extra selling point to reach LUX buyers could consider adding a touch of the owners’ personality into their home. One way to do that is to create a space that has a unique character.

Terry Cudmore of Cudmore Builders has been doing that with clients for more than a decade. While only a small percentage of his builds have these types of elements, the ones that do offer a more memorable space the owners love.

Cudmore says these rooms can become the most popular areas in a home, not only from just the homeowners, but from friends as well. And, when it’s time to resell, special features like these can be selling points to buyers with similar interests who won’t be able to find anything else like it on the market.

“If you have a basketball court, obviously you’re going to be able to draw from some of the professional athletes that can maybe be able to afford something like this,” Cudmore says. 

The planning for such rooms often starts early in the process, and is generally a collaborative effort between the builder, client and designers. And, as much as the homeowners themselves like having these custom spaces, for the builders, it’s also a way to enjoy a project more.

“It’s always fun to do something new,” says Cudmore. “We’re about to do a house now with an indoor tennis court, which is something I haven’t done yet, with stadium seating. So, it’s always a little more interesting when you’re involved in something like that.”

Take a look at some of the noteworthy projects Cudmore has built over the years.


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Star Trek Home Theater

themed-rooms-star-trek-1-minAmong the higher profile of Cudmore’s themed room projects was a $1.5 million Star Trek home theater in Boca Raton, Fla. The theater was designed as a replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

The homeowner is a huge Trekkie and Cudmore says it was the client who drove the vision for the project.

The theater was built with a commercial theater-quality sound system, a Prima Cinema system that allows the homeowner to watch movies the day they are released in theaters and hydraulics under the floorboards that vibrate at appropriate points during the movies.

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