August, Garageio Partner to Let Delivery People Inside

August, Garageio Partner to Let Delivery People Inside

August Home and Garageio are said to be working together to develop tech that will allow homebuyers to remotely open the door for delivery couriers.

Smart lock maker August and connected garage door-opener manufacturer Garageio already allow homebuyers to lock doors remotely via mobile app control and Amazon Echo integration. But now, reports say the ability to unlock doors remotely is in development.

According to The Information, the two companies with ties to are developing tech that will allow the homeowner to provide a temporary pin code to delivery people or unlock their door remotely so that their package can be dropped off inside.

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This development builds off of August Home’s flagship scheduling feature, which enables homebuyers to open up their smart lock at specific times and days for house cleaning, repairs and various appointments.  

Garageio's connected garage system will soon support remote access.
Garageio’s connected garage system will soon support remote access.

Builders can use this announcement to market convenience to clients. Instead of counting on the courier to leave an item in a safe place or worrying a mischievous neighbor might make off with a package, the homebuyer is given the peace of mind that the item is safe.

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Since both August Home and Garageio already integrate with the Echo, it is expected that voice support will also be extended to remote door control. But this development is still forthcoming.  

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