Automate Your Winter Wonderland for Year-Round Outdoor Entertainment

Automate Your Winter Wonderland for Year-Round Outdoor Entertainment


Committing to outdoor technology standards can help appeal to luxury clients that value entertaining, but once winter hits, builders in cooler climates need to offer tech that can be utilized year-round.

A mix of home automation, connected outdoor tech and some strategically-placed heating systems can help you market a year-round entertainment standard, regardless of how cold it gets outside.

Builders in colder climate can take advantage of the chill to upsell heating add-ons to an existing outdoor tech package, opening the opportunity for a more lucrative tech deal.

Industry experts have noticed an uptick in the demand for year-round, heated outdoor products. According to a CNN Money report, the demand for features like fireplaces and smart lighting into outdoor spaces has never been higher among LUX clients.

To coincide with this increase in luxury demand, the outdoor heating market is poised for record growth by 2022. According to Markets and Markets, outdoor heating products will be worth $18.4 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 2.5 percent.

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SCROLL: Outdoor Heating Options for a Year-Round Standard


[tps_title] Connected Heating Systems [/tps_title]

Connected heating systems can integrate with the home’s platform or nearby devices.
Connected heating systems can integrate with the home’s platform or nearby devices.

Outdoor Heating Systems


Standalone outdoor heating systems can be scaled to match the size of your clients’ outdoor project to provide the optimal amount of heat without sacrificing energy.

Some systems, such as the Sunheat or Mr. Heater, are mounted to a wall or under a roof and provide heat around the proximity. The biggest value of wall-mounted heating systems is concealment, but if the placement is not optimized, performance will suffer.

Other systems, such as the Bromic Patio Heater, are standalone and provide heat near and around the installed area. The main value of these types of heaters is performance, but these models lose out in terms of style and concealability.

If you are building for a luxury client that values outdoor entertainment but doesn’t want bulky heating systems compromising the home’s style, you should consider installing a radiant heating system for the outdoor patio and walkways leading up to the area. In ultra-luxury projects, a warm walkway and patio could be an excellent marketing tool.

In smaller outdoor areas, radiant heating has become easier for builders to install. Products such as the Snow Melt Mat can be easily rolled out and installed in a variety of outdoor locations. Professionally installed options from manufactures such as Warmly Yours allow a builder to consult with a technician to right-size the home’s radiant system.

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