Did “Back to the Future” Predict TecHome Trends?

Did “Back to the Future” Predict TecHome Trends?

Who knew a movie from the 1980s would be able to predict the TecHome of the future …

This week–October 21, 2015 in particular–marks the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly programmed into their Flux Capacitor and traveled back to the future in “Back to the Future Part II”.

The 1989 Robert Zemeckis hit sequel made a lot of predictions about what the year 2015 would hold, and it certainly got a lot of these predictions wrong.

We still have no flying cars, no hover boards (although a recent Lexus announcement may be changing that), and people certainly don’t get the majority of their news from newspapers anymore. And unfortunately for Cubs fans, it looks like the New York Mets are about to crush the film’s prediction that Chicago’s beloved team would be 2015 World Series champs–the first time in 107 years.

But the back to the future film also got a few things right, especially when it comes to the TecHome world. 

Today's the day!
Today’s the day!

Back to the Future TecHome Predictions:

  • Correct Prediction: Biometrics
    Correct Prediction: Biometrics

    Biometrics – The film somewhat accurately predicted that locks and phones and personal identification would be operated almost exclusively with an individual’s thumbprint. This isn’t too far from today’s reality, where iPhones now have thumbprint readers to open them and biometric technology is making its way more and more into the smart home circuit. We’re still a long way from this being a widely used norm, but it’s certainly a technology on the rise.

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  • Voice-Activated Lights – Another accurate prediction made by “Back to the Future Part II” is the idea of voice activated lights. Voice activation has made its way into many aspects of the smart home, not just lights. Products now make it easy to walk into the home, say a simple vocal command and turn on all the lights.

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  • Multi-channel Flatscreen HDTVs – The film also had a pretty accurate depiction of what TVs would look like these days. Sleek, stylish and flat as can be, this is one of the film’s most spot on guesses as to what the technology of the future would hold.
  • Correct Prediction: Smart Glasses
    Correct Prediction: Smart Glasses

    Smart Glasses – The film basically predicted the invention of Google Glass.

  • Video Calls to Your TV – The reality of telepresence is becoming more and more of a reality, so “Back to the Future Part II” wasn’t too far from the truth when it predicted that video phone calls would become a popular way of communication. These days, video chat is more reserved for computers and smart phones, but expect the screens to only get bigger as years progress.

There are still so many things the movie missed in its predictions such as the importance of solar and energy efficiency, remote connectivity and innumerable smart home features. 

They didn’t get everything right, but this version of 2015 still looks pretty awesome, tech-wise at least.

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