Best of Tech: The Football Fan

Best of Tech: The Football Fan

[tps_header]Every client is different, but if you’re building for the ultimate football fan, there are certain TecHome plays you have to make.

For clients who plan on regularly cheering on their home team and checking fantasy stats every Monday, Thursday and especially Sunday, builders should include a few amenities to their tech packages to truly embrace a homebuyer’s adoration for (or obsession with) the game.

These features include everything from fully automated home control, entertainment setups, mood lighting and even a smart fridge for game day brews.

Building for the tech-hungry football fan:

Tech up your football party with these options
Tech up your football party with these options





[tps_title]Home Control Hones in on Multiple Games[/tps_title]

A home control system from Elan g!
A home control system from Elan g!

Home control paired with a video wall create the perfect atmosphere for fantasy football fanatics who want to simultaneously watch multiple games and keep an eye on how their players are performing.

An Elan entertainment and control system is a good option for football fans, as it can operate multiple displays from an iPad, iPhone, Android device, in-wall touch panel or hard button remote.

Implementing a video wall for home automation and media consumption/control is a great way to invest in something that is both efficient as a tech item and boasts a uniquely sleek design.

Other options for home control include Crestron, Clare Controls, and the more reasonably priced options such as Control4 and Savant.

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