The Big Picture: Building the Perfect Home Theater

The Big Picture: Building the Perfect Home Theater


Home entertainment is certainly a huge draw for those in the market for new digs, and builders must explore the best and latest in home theater trends if they wish to attract potential buyers.

A home theater can add financial value to the home while also providing endless entertainment and social opportunities for those who occupy it. With on-demand entertainment and high quality cinematic experiences being shuttled directly into the at-home market, home theaters will always be a great addition to the ever-growing influx of smart and automated luxury homes. 

But where to start? Home theaters are a tricky affair, and builders must consider all aspects before taking this challenge on.

Image, sound, lighting and viewer comfort are all important concerns, and builders have a wide array of tech to choose from to deliver optimum experiences for entertainment-hungry home owners.

The following are things to consider when deliberating home theater tech, with recommendations for projectors, sound systems and screens that builders should consider.


[tps_title]Projectors – Where to begin?[/tps_title]

home theater 1Builders should test projector quality before committing to a product to implement into their home theater projects.

Consult a projector or image expert to ensure that you are employing the best possible projector into the theater. Things to pay specific attention to are colors (how bright, how do they contrast) and blacks (the darker and deeper the black, the better), as well as sharpness of image.

If the projector has 3D capabilities, be sure to verify the 3D images are pristine and don’t succumb to “ghosting,” where layers seem to trail behind the moving images on screen, creating a ghostly effect.

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