Bigger Demand for Tech Knowledge? More Attend Taste of Technology

Bigger Demand for Tech Knowledge? More Attend Taste of Technology

Sight and Sound Systems’ annual Taste of Technology event introduces builders and integrators to smart home technology through a series of demonstrations, classes and networking.

Four-hundred guests attended this year’s event, which was Thursday, April 21 in Vienna, Virginia. That’s nearly a hundred more builders and integrators than last year who were eager to know more about available tech options on the market, perhaps showing an increased interest in these features in general.

Major smart home players like Control4, Sonos, URC, Schlage and Legrand are just a few of the 17 vendors that came to show off their latest home technologies to the 40 to 50 builders in attendance.

Alvaro Amaya from Chadsworth Custom Homes says the event shows the importance of increasing options, “We build green homes, but it’s not enough anymore to stand out. You have to offer more, and shows like this do a lot to help out.” 

Taste of Technology celebrated its fourth year of operation.
Taste of Technology celebrates its fourth year.

Vendors noticed a shift in the builder mindset, this year, as they realize home control and other systems can have a potential impact on their bottom line and appeal to clients. “More builders are starting to understand that this tech is no longer just an option, it has become a standard necessity for clients,” says Chris Discotto from URC.

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Outside of the show floor, demonstrations on Dolby Atmos’ sound system and classes on topics like networking and infrastructure helped to keep attendants up-to-date on the newest technology.

Entertainment tech was the most widely represented home technology at the show with multi-room audio systems and home theater tech at multiple booths. 

Events like this help keep home technology on the minds of builders and integrators, which is good news because studies are proving that home tech is a smart, lucrative bet in today’s market.

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