Bosch and Drop Partnership Aims to Revolutionize Smart Kitchen

Bosch and Drop Partnership Aims to Revolutionize Smart Kitchen

A new connected partnership, announced today, aims to cook up the innovative ingredients for the smart kitchen of tomorrow.

Smart kitchen company Drop will begin integrating its kitchen operating system with home appliances from Bosch with Home Connect functionality. The partnership between Drop and Bosch brings a new layer of intelligence to the kitchen by combining the former’s interactive cookbook technology with the latter’s state-of-the-art appliances.

The move could help TecHome builders appeal to home cooks of all levels who want to enjoy a seamless, smart and interactive cooking experience.

From cooking aficionados to the average house-chef, the integration is said to allow homeowners to control their Bosch Series 8 oven with Home Connect remotely–monitoring time, temperature and settings from within the Drop Recipes app, which is available starting today.

“We’re excited to officially announce that we are partnering with Bosch to truly make the connected kitchen a reality for everyone,” said Ben Harris, CEO of Drop, in today’s press release.

“Imagine your blender knowing how much of an ingredient you need to add to get the right proportions for your favorite smoothie, or your oven preheating at the right time for the recipe you are making and turning off when your food is ready, or even being able to filter your recipes by what you have in your smart fridge. These ideas no longer seem fantastical. Your kitchen will be smarter, and we are excited to announce Bosch as our first partner and take this giant leap forward to being the Kitchen platform.”

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The kitchen hasn’t always been the most discussed space when it comes to the TecHome, but partnerships such as these are beginning to change that mindset. The kitchen can be just as smart as the rest of the home, and Drop and Bosch are beginning to take steps forward into this reality.

These steps will allow other manufacturers, integrators and, of course, builders to revolutionize their kitchen projects as well.

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