Bozzuto Homes Exceed Multifamily Community Expectations

Bozzuto Homes Exceed Multifamily Community Expectations

Observing the Gallery Townhomes of Monroe Street Market in Northeast Washington DC, it is easy to discern how the multifamily community received its art-centric title.

Strolling the streets of this gorgeous multifamily community is certainly akin to perusing the halls of an art gallery. The canvasses were empty lots, but they have now been filled with the artwork of infrastructure and state of the art home control.

The artists are the Bozzuto Group, a privately held, integrated real estate services organization founded in 1988.

A Focus on Tech

Generally speaking, our customers are very sophisticated and well-educated,” says Andrew Bolton, purchasing manager for Bozzuto Homes. “We are focused on creating a house with a lot of cool factors.”

These “cool factors” are wholly reliant on the best and latest in home automation technology.

“It’s difficult to nail down, as the state of the tech and industry is always changing,” says Tom Baum, president of Bozzuto Homes, Inc.

Bozzuto implements Sonos audio systems as tech in their homes
Bozzuto implements Sonos audio systems as tech in their homes.

As the industry continues to evolve, Bozzuto plans to stay on its tail in terms of tech.

For more than five years now, the company has been partnered with for security purposes and also offers Sonos audio systems as an option for its customers.

On the HVAC front, Bozzuto has begun a geothermal relationship with Bosch for everything except its multifamily communities and has integrated solar into its single family homes.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Bozzuto combines its flair for tech with an equal passion for unrivaled customer service. One way it executes this is by directly involving customers in the building and design process.

“For kitchen and bath design tech, we have a design studio in our office,” says Baum. “All for-sale customers come to the office to choose finishes, flooring, bath and other options. It’s a pretty robust offering and wide range of price points and styles.”

Bozzuto Homes – Monroe Street Market

Bozzuto is also working on other ways to help customers visualize what they are buying, utilizing a high-resolution projector in a showroom to help customers design and render their custom homes.

“It’s about addressing tech-savvy customers,” says Bolton. “This is the process by which a customer experiences their builder.” 

Another example of Bozzuto’s strength in the customer experience is a sophisticated online sales program, which involves routing all sales calls to a call center staffed by Bozzuto sales people instead of a third party. The company pays close attention to consumer trends and invites customers to chat about design options.

New York Avenue
Bozzuto Homes – 460 New York Avenue

“Our buyers expect and want this,” says Baum. “It gives them the confidence that you are able to deliver what they’re expecting.”

Award-Caliber Homes and Communities

Among the company’s distinguished claims is being one of 22 finalists in the 2015 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Global Awards for Excellence competition, recognized for its Monroe Street Market community. The competition is known as one of the building industry’s most prestigious honors, and the winners will be announced in October.

“It’s quite an honor to be named a finalist,” says Baum. “It’s very exciting.”

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