Builder Benefits: Best Buy’s Annual Top Tech List

Builder Benefits: Best Buy’s Annual Top Tech List


We break down Best Buy’s Top Tech List and how you can capitalize on these mostly DIY products to offer a package your clients are demanding.

The annual list showcases 20 new and emerging technologies that consumers are most likely to request this holiday season—virtual reality, smart TVs and tablets.

Builders can include some of these emerging technologies as part of an add-on package to appeal to distinct demographics of homebuyers. For example, including a virtual reality headset can help you stand out to entertainment-focused clients, while a wall-mounted tablet in a high-traffic area can appeal to buyers with busy lives that crave organization.

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[tps_title] VR Options [/tps_title]

Virtual reality systems from Sony and Oculus can help you gain appeal.
Virtual reality systems from Sony and Oculus can help you gain appeal.

Virtual Reality Options

Virtual reality is becoming a mainstream trend with more headsets and systems hitting the market. Sony and Oculus made Best Buy’s Top Tech List.

Here’s what builders should know:

  • Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) system was released earlier this month. Unlike other headsets that rely on a powerful gaming computer, the PSVR works with a PlayStation 4 console to introduce immerse control to video games.
  • The Oculus Rift made waves when it was acquired by Facebook for $2 Billion in 2014. This flagship system is more immersive and flexible than PSVR. There’s a catch—your clients will need a powerful computer to fully utilize the Rift.

Bottom line: Virtual reality presents an exciting opportunity for builders to appeal to entertainment-focused clients, but you need to make sure that your clients either have a computer that can support Oculus or a PlayStation 4 to utilize PSVR.

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