Builder Take: 4 Tips for Dedicated Home Theater Payback

Builder Take: 4 Tips for Dedicated Home Theater Payback



Dedicated home theaters are approached differently in custom and spec homes, and how builders implement their residential entertainment strategy could impact their bottom line significantly.

Recently, TecHome Builder analyzed the benefits of dedicated home theaters by speaking with an expert in the industry. Now, we look at this same concept from the perspective of a luxury homebuilder with experiences of implementing home entertainment in both custom and spec projects.

“But, in both cases, we do not label the room as a home theater—we call it ‘Home Entertainment,’” says Barry Hensley, president of NorthStar Luxury Homes.

While Hensley deviates from the typical “home theater” classification, his ambitions are still fine examples for builders to follow as they construct similar rooms within their projects. By adhering to comparable tactics in your own business, the paybacks could prove highly advantageous.

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[tps_title]4 Builder Tips on Dedicated Home Theater Payback – #1[/tps_title]

Take a different approach whether the home is custom or spec.
Take a different approach whether the home is custom or spec.

1.  Builder Approach: Custom vs. Spec

In custom homes, Hensley works directly with buyers to determine their needs and outfit the home theater appropriately. This contrasts with the spec home approach, where the builder stresses the importance of wiring for any and every possibility.

“Then, you can offer the purchaser options to complete the home theater,” says Hensley.

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    I like that you talked about having a custom one versus a traditional home theater. I’m thinking about doing what I can to make my home more fun. A home theater would be great. Do you have any tips about finding a good home theater person to install one in my home?


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