CEDIA 2016 Preview: Top 3 Things to Watch

CEDIA 2016 Preview: Top 3 Things to Watch


This week marks the beginning of the Consumer Electronic Design & Installation Association’s (CEDIA) annual expo—an event showcasing technologies ranging from home automation to custom home cinemas.

Integrator attendees from all around the country will be learning about what’s new, upcoming and all-around cool, right now, in the industry.

scrollEven though the event is meant for systems installers. We’re giving you a sneak peak at three major areas builders, who integrate technology in their homes, would be foolish to miss out on.

These products, innovations and educational guidance should be at the top of your list if you want to remain competitive in the industry.

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[tps_title]Voice Control: Familiar Faces and Fresh Blood[/tps_title]

Charlie Kindel.
Charlie Kindel.

Attendees can expect voice control platforms to reign popular at CEDIA this year.

Amazon’s Alexa platform and the Echo device have been dominating this space for more than a year now, and director of the Alexa Smart Home, Charlie Kindel, will deliver a keynote on Friday morning of the expo.

However, not all eyes are going to be on Amazon this year, as a newcomer is looking to make waves in the voice control space.

UP NEXT: See what fresh blood is entering the voice control market

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