CEDIA Day One: Insights, A/V and New Partnerships

CEDIA Day One: Insights, A/V and New Partnerships

The point driven home in CEDIA’s opening keynote is a widespread mindset amongst attendees—the velocity of data is increasing and will always continue to increase.

This idea was expressed by Shelly Palmer, a strategic adviser and technology consultant known for his speaking engagements and television work with major networks such as Fox and NBC Universal.

“Think about this,” says Palmer to a packed, attentive crowd. “You are experiencing the slowest rate of technological change that you will experience in your life.” Palmer’s keynote speech kicked off this year’s CEDIA, a trade show event for integrators that zeroes in on the rapid rate in which technology accelerates.

Stunning home theater projection systems, exemplary audio solutions and strategic automation partnerships dominate the show floor, proving the future has already arrived and will continue to break down barriers for years to come.

TecHome is exploring various innovations at CEDIA and sharing them with you, our builder audience, most notably in the A/V realm.

The Epson Pro Cinema LS10500.
The Epson Pro Cinema LS10500.

Epson is providing an exclusive look at its state-of-the-art projection systems including its Pro Cinema LS10500 Reflective Laser Projector with 4K Enhancement and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. The images on screen offer a resolution and brightness that rival mainstream theater projection.

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On the audible end, industry newcomer Riva Audio is showcasing its small, yet powerful, speaker line that offers impressive sound inspired by its founder’s undying love of “studio quality recordings.”

You can view the live broadcast of Riva’s press conference on TecHome Builder’s Facebook page.

Savant is announcing new partnerships with Nest and iPort, at this year’s show, and gave us an interesting outlook on how builders should quickly embrace the standardization of smart home systems to compete in this industry. Savant sees this becoming the norm.

You can read about the new Savant partnerships here, and look for an exclusive story on the company’s strategic relationship with a multifamily developer in our Multifamily Newsletter next week.

Stay tuned for more CEDIA coverage, including insights on the voice control revolution.

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