CES 2016: Seizing the TecHome of the Future

CES 2016: Seizing the TecHome of the Future



The 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is kicking off this week in Las Vegas, and industry experts will be pouring in eager to learn what’s hot on the horizon for technology.

Builders and integrators are no exception to the wide range of attendees occupying the showroom floor at CES, and the tech trends explored at this event will highlight where we are going in 2016 and beyond. You can anticipate new developments in virtual reality, audio, cybersecurity, robots and drones.

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[tps_title]Virtual Reality and More[/tps_title]

Virtual reality tech, such as the Oculus Rift, will be on display at CES.
Virtual reality tech, such as the Oculus Rift, will be on display at CES.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are set to take off at CES 2016. This new venture into at-home entertainment is something that clients will certainly be demanding in the coming year, as major VR platforms are prepared to introduce key releases to the market. Companies displaying VR tech at CES include Oculus, Sony and HTC.

What does the popularity of virtual reality mean for the industry?

It will expand the entertainment options for the smart home, allowing immersive connectivity to movies, games and more. Builders and integrators will surely notice the draw of these devices at CES and eventually including these options in the home will draw in clients as well.

“We’re paying attention to it,” says Greg Simmons, vice president of Eagle Sentry. “It’s not something our customers are asking for yet, but our job is to stay ahead of the consumer. So it’s something to watch.”

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