CES 2017: The Best in Luxury Audio and Video

CES 2017: The Best in Luxury Audio and Video

Audio and video products were at the top of luxury buyers' lists at this year's CES in Las Vegas. For luxury builders, this consumer interest could help you consider future high-end add-ons for your homes. 

High resolutions, speaker sound and screen size were all the rage at CES 2017, as was the rise of virtual and augmented reality for entertainment. While many of these technologies carry hefty price tags, luxury builders willing to invest could find themselves reaping the benefits from buyers with deep pockets looking for such extravagant products.

Here's a look at some of the top luxury A/V products from this year's CES.

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LG’s Wallpaper TV

New "wallpaper TV" from LG.
New “wallpaper TV” from LG.

Combining the elements of wall art and high definition entertainment, LG unveiled the W7 OLED at CES, an ultra-thin “wallpaper TV.”

Being sold in both 65 and 77-inch models, the TV is attached to walls via magnets that are about 3.8 mm thick, which is less than one-fifth of an inch.

Seeing it up close, it looks as if one is watching TV directly on (or through) the wall, making it an ideal product for buyers, builders and integrators wanting to avoid installing TVs on wall mounts or stands.

The 65-inch model will be available in March for $8,000, while the pricing and availability of the 77-inch is yet to be determined.

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LG’s Wallpaper TV

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