CNN Hosts Smart Home Hacking Challenge

CNN Hosts Smart Home Hacking Challenge

CNN and Internet security firm Bitdefender are hosting a smart home hacking challenge that will enlist hackers to expose cybersecurity flaws in connected devices.

Bitdefender has partnered with CNN to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats that could impact smart home security in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

These two major players will be collaborating on a series of videos and demonstrations that can teach builders and integrators about the importance of a fully-secured smart home. The first video, embedded below, entitled ‘Smart Home Challenge,’ shows a group of hackers disrupting the daily lives of a family by hacking into smart devices.

The video shows hackers turning on coffee makers, speaker systems, smart lights and even accessing video cameras around the home.

This screenshot from the video shows hackers after accessing a video camera in the home.
This screenshot from the video shows hackers after accessing a video camera in the home.

The introductory video’s main goal is to highlight the need of a secured hub, or cybersecurity device, that filters through external connections to keep the home’s devices secured.

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Builders and integrators can include cybersecurity devices that filter through connections to make homebuyers feel safer in their new home. F-SENSE and Cujo are two options on the market that can help limit the number of cybersecurity attacks.

Two major, public companies discussing the future of smart home cybersecurity concerns means that builders and integrators need to act quickly to let clients and homebuyers know that their system is secure from hackers.

According to CNN, the campaign will use Audience Insight Measurement Tools to target tech enthusiasts and IT decision makers. This means that your clients could learn about these cybersecurity threats before you do.

An open line of communication between your past clients as well as with potential homebuyers can help you quell fears about cybersecurity and keep a client coming back for more tech.

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