Collaboration Leads to New Smart Home Security Benchmarks

Collaboration Leads to New Smart Home Security Benchmarks

Trend Micro and ASUS have created a new home security benchmark through their collaboration.

Trend Micro produces solutions for connected products to increase data security, while ASUS is known primarily for its computing systems and smart home products.

Last year, the two companies entered a partnership to allow Trend Micro to embed its new security solution into ASUS’s wireless routers and connected products.

Now,these two companies have established a new home security benchmark, which means all ASUS routers moving forward will come equipped with Trend Micro’s Development Kit. This is said to create safer connections. 

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According to the press release, the decision to include these more secure chips were chosen based on expert predictions of massive growth in the connected home market. The release details an estimated 20 billion home devices hitting the market by 2019.

All of ASUS's new routers will contain smart chips from Trend Micro.
All of ASUS’s new routers will contain smart chips from Trend Micro.

ASUS and Trend Micro are hoping that this IoT solution can help successfully secure the router, thus completely stopping any negative outside traffic from reaching connected devices.

Connected devices that monitor the home for cybersecurity threats can help builders stand out in a big way.

According to Parks Associates, 60 percent of American households are worried about their data being violated or stolen in a smart home attack. 

If builders are not willing to go all in with ASUS routers and products, cybersecurity devices like CUJO and SENSE can also monitor the smart home’s network to keep hackers out.

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