Comparing Efficiency-Focused Software Programs in HiVol

Comparing Efficiency-Focused Software Programs in HiVol


As technology continues to invade the industry, software management programs have become the newest trend to attract builders with claims of improved efficiency and cost savings.

On-site and office management programs are used to keep builders, contractors, integrators and even homebuyers on the same page. Some applications connect members of the building team with clients, while others generate leads and assist in marketing.

These systems can help track financial information, resources and general work flow.  Best of all, software management programs put the builder and client on the same page.

“It’s everything. It’s how we stay organized with our vendors, jobsite schedules and all of our client communication. When implemented properly, it can replace one or two employees. The amount of info it can handle between parties is incredible,” says Dan DeVol of DeVol Custom Builder

DeVol has used the Co-Construct program for the past eight years and says this software stands out due to seamless integration with third-party accounting platforms such as QuickBooks. TecHome Builder covered Co-Construct last October, and you can read complete coverage here.

Software management programs are also helpful for integrators when selling and installing home technology. The programs provide them with a bird’s-eye view of how the home’s devices will connect, to help avoid any interoperability issues. 

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TecHome Builder is taking a look at some of the most popular, and unique, builder software programs on the market. Take a look at each system to determine what best fits your business.

Software Management Programs to Improve Jobsite Efficiency


[tps_title] BuilderTrend [/tps_title]

BuilderTrend stands out for its client portal applications.
BuilderTrend stands out for its client portal applications.



BuilderTrend is one of the more popular software programs on the market, with published testimonials and reviews from builders and contractors in the field.

This program enables builders to draw up the project’s plans in 3D, which can then be shared with the building team and client. Showing the client updated blueprints of the project during key points of the process can help maintain accountability and confirm everything is going to plan.

The client portal is a unique aspect of this program. Through a customized interface, homebuyers can view schedules, approve change orders and even make payments—another easy way to market liability and ease-of-use to your clients.

BuilderTrend is available for a monthly cost, which is dictated by how many homes you build per year.

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