Is the Connected Car Driving the TecHome?

Is the Connected Car Driving the TecHome?

You build homes; you don’t build cars. But if you’re paying attention to the consumer electronics market, you’re seeing tremendous crossover between both industries in terms of tech.

It’s all about what your customers want. They want their car tech to talk to their home tech … from creating a seamless music playlist to bringing a car’s enhanced security features into the home. And beyond that, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

The connected car and the connected home were two of the biggest trends at CES 2015 and other cross-industry events. As evidence, just look at some recent newsbites:


“Automatic smart driving monitor teams up with Nest thermostat, so your home’s the right temperature when you pull into your driveway”

“AT&T’s connected car tech now works with its connected home tech”

“Apple makes the connected car part of its smart home strategy”

“Life360 partners with smart home companies, plants flag as family’s digital hub”


Zubie is partnering with players in the smart home arena.
Zubie is partnering with players in the mass-market smart home arena.

The Consumer’s Connected Life

All of this points to the growing importance of what Ari Silkey—chief technology officer of connected car service company Zubie—called “the consumer’s connected life” at the RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit in Boston in May. “It’s the continuum from wearables to cars to homes,” Silkey says.

“Consumers want it to work seamlessly and add value to their lives. Connected cars and homes will grow to become more connected as penetration rates grow in both areas.”

Picture the car and the house as two sensors (each with lots of mini-sensors) in the network of whole-life automation. Now, picture a single integrated monitoring service for both car and home. Imagine your car in constant communication with your home, making small adjustments to your “life” throughout the day depending on time, location and activity.

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A Peek at Peq

The Peq tablet now communicates with the owner's car using Zubie.
The Peq tablet communicates with the user’s car via Zubie.

This year Zubie has partnered with smart home system Peq to allow customers to connect the Peq app with the Zubie plug-in monitoring device in their cars. Zubie’s wireless connectivity and GPS help monitor driving habits, track the vehicle’s location and spot maintenance issues. 

In addition to being able to monitor this from the Peq app, customers create rules based on information from Zubie. For instance, when your car gets in range, the Peq thermostat adjusts to “home” mode while turning on Peq-connected lamps to greet you. Zubie also has an If This Then That (IFTTT) channel that allows customers to create rules to control IFTTT-connected devices including Nest, SmartThings and Belkin WeMo products.


We’re just scratching the surface here with regard to the crossover of car and home tech, and our coverage of this important area will continue. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. 


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