Connected Doorbells to Market Security and Monitoring

Connected Doorbells to Market Security and Monitoring


A connected doorbell can help you market a fully integrated smart home, and with a growing market of options, it’s crucial that builders choose the best fit for their next project.

Connected doorbells and smart intercoms work in similar ways, but different products offer a range of features and benefits that may appeal to different types of clients. For example, while a Millennial client may want a smart doorbell for its aesthetics, an elderly client might want one to accommodate aging in place challenges.

No matter the option you choose, a smart doorbell or intercom can help market safety and security to a range of clients such as families living in multifamily communities and luxury clients looking for a sleek alternative to traditional security cameras.

In addition to security, these doorbells offer ease-of-use, because the homeowner can see and let in whoever is at the door without even having to get up. The homeowner can also receive instant notifications to their mobile device that someone is lurking outside.

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Connected Doorbell Options to Try


[tps_title] Ring [/tps_title]

Ring is one of the best-selling connected doorbells.
Ring is one of the best-selling connected doorbells.


Ring is one of the best-selling smart doorbells currently on the market, with a range of options for builders to market as part of a complete security standard.

The Ring doorbell uses zones to improve performance and monitoring. When combined with an external camera network, you can use Ring to market continuous security.

Ring uses Wi-Fi to connect, and the company recently released a few add-ons such as a chime that can send alerts when a smartphone is not available. This chime can help make Ring viable for a range of homes, including larger luxury homes or multifamily communities focused on older tenants who don’t own a smartphone.

The main downside to Ring is its reliance on cloud-based video recording, meaning that in order to access past recordings the homebuyer has to pay around $30 annually. Builders that are interested in Ring could include the first year of recordings as part of their security standard.

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